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Thursday, June 24, 2010

We are so not alone.

In his own words, Hunter Freeman discuss his thoughts on his new series of work, "We are not alone."

"We are never alone, it seems, especially now.  At home or at work, the idea of privacy has changed over time and with changes in technology.  These pictures are a way of  demonstrating the new privacy - We are not alone, anymore.  The locations will change as I add to the series.  Smile at the camera."

To see more of Hunter's work, please do link to:  www.hunterfreeman.com






Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bribes do work!

In his own words, Jim Smithson describes his technique for getting his model to cooperate, "For this test, shot on a real hot spring day, I employed (and by employ, i mean bribe with a trip to the local ice cream shop) my daughter Shelby to ham it up for the camera. She ended up falling off the tail gate and gashing her knee real bad but bounced back and hit the mark with her usual aplomb."






In his own words, Jim Smithson comments on his new shot:  "Shot up in the pristine waters of the Puget Sound, I have to hand it to my crew for enduring the early call time and wading in frigid waters to make this image possible."






Monday, June 21, 2010

Who knew Hillary Duff was an author?

In his own words, Kevin Twomey shares his photography for the cover of Hillary Duff's new novel.  

"I had the wonderful opportunity to create the cover image for Hilary Duff's upcoming novel, Elixir.   This was one of those assignments where the client gives you the synopsis of a story, the dimensions of the layout and the freedom to go an play.  Along with the final cover image here are a couple of my favorite preliminary sketches."

Click here to see more of Kevin's work.http://www.kevintwomey.com






Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Eerily Timely - a post from Kevin Twomey

Up the block from my studio is an empty lot where you will occasionally  see the abandoned piece of living room furniture among other illegally dumped garbage.  A few months ago I spotted a bright yellow 5 gallon, beat-up drum of used oil sitting in the lot.  Even though I had absolutely no use for this object, I knew one day it might make a nice prop.  When creating diptychs for my promotional pieces, I  sometime take the opportunity to go beyond just visually stimulating the eye.  

In this case, the oil drum find was eerily timely.  






Tuesday, June 01, 2010

In his own words: Richard Schultz photographs Revo Ambassadors for their Look Deeper campaign

"I recently shot the Revo campaign for the second year for Factory Lab on location in Australia, Belize, & Joshua Tree, CA.  I like how Revo's been using "ambassadors" for their campaigns, people who are stand-outs in their particular fields and are passionate about what they do. The campaign tag-line is "Look Deeper" and that's just what we're able to do with the images for this campaign. We're creating beautiful, soulful, on-location portraits of truly amazing people. It's a sweet spot for me as a photographer and the agency's just wanting me to follow my visual instincts, it's been an amazing campaign to work on. This years' ambassadors have included activist/documentary filmmaker Alexandra Cousteau, climber/expeditionist Jimmy Chin, and surfing legend Wayne Lynch."






Collaborating with Art Director, Todd Yuzwa and Food Stylist Randy Mon we came up with some images that were so tasty, we couldn't help ourselves taking a little bite out of the product. To see more of Kevin's work, please link to http://www.kevintwomey.com