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Friday, May 14, 2010

A sneak peek at a weed by Kevin Twomey

A sneak peek at a weed by Kevin Twomey
I remember as a kid, every summer, pulling dandelions out between the beautiful blades of green grass on the front lawn of my house on Long Island, cursing at them never to return. Little did I understand how tenacious that weed was or the role it played in a garden's ecosystem. It wasn't till last summer while exploring some flora for an Emeryville public art works project (images to be displayed fall 2011), that i discovered the beauty, the variety and the the complexity of that little weed.
The image in the June issue of Discover Magazine is just one of a series of photographs on the dandelion weed due to be completed this fall.






Thursday, May 13, 2010

Andy Anderson is Ram Tough

Jimmy Bonner at The Richards Group hired Andy Anderson and partnered with him to shoot their new Ram campaign. Shooting close to 15 shots took them over two weeks. They found the rugged terrain they needed in Utah, Nevada and California. Our fingers are crossed that they can continue the campaign as the work has been getting such great attention.






Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1000 Different Ways to Make Your Jaw Drop

Jim Smithson recently shot an ad for Valspar. In his own words....."Euro RSCG Chicago wanted to capture a landscape of a town center with a european flavor for their client Valspar. Because it was still winter we focused our search in mediterranean countries, and ended up finding the ultimate location in San Gimignano, in the region of Tuscany. The agency felt confident to let me shoot the project without them being there, which we have done successfully in past projects. Julia Cunningham (art buyer) was very instrumental throughout the project, doing most of the heavy lifting back in Chicago. As the production kicked off the ubiquity of the Mafioso business model was not lost on us, making it a wild adventure on many levels. " Jim Smithson