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Monday, October 04, 2010

A very special note from a very special shoot.

David Martinez recently shot a very special project for Euro RSCG Life Chelsea  and Atripla.  Atripla is an HIV drug that is changing the lives of many patients.  David and his team were fortunate enough to be able to photograph the actual patients.  Over the course of the shoot, they got to know the patients, heard their stories and became friends.  It was a powerfully unique shoot that will stay with them always.

So, when WE received the thank you note it just added to the positive experience we had with the client and the agency.  
Since it is not everyday that a client sends US a thank you note, we felt compelled to share.  


I want to send you and your whole team our sincere thanks for giving us exceptionally beautiful images for our Atripla campaign. We've never had a job with this much complexity and variety of scenes before. Many things could have gone wrong, but everything went right. Your team was highly professional, yet the true success of the experience came from everyone being so warm and giving 110% of themselves. Even the primary talent sent us emails saying what a truly amazing experience it was for them, having HIV yet being treated without the fear of stigma, and that in itself is another reason to be thankful.

Thank you all for a great experience. I feel like going back and doing it all over again... 

Vicki Woliver
Associate Creative Director
Euro RSCG Life Chelsea
75 9th Avenue
New York,  NY  10011 






Thursday, September 23, 2010

A pleasant home page surprise.

Andy Anderson's studio sent along some jpgs to me today of some new work he did for Diner's Club.  They were the latest images in a campaign he shot last year.  I was thinking about doing a blog post about the images so I checked out the Diner's Club website to see if there was anything interesting there to reference. Well, sure enough there was.  Right on the home page was a link to view their latest advertising campaign.  I had never seen anything like that before on a client's website and nothing so front and center focusing solely on the campaign.  There was no credit for the imagery, but that is ok, I still liked it.   And, of course I it made me want to brag some about.   Thank you Diner's Club and thank you DraftFCB.






Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What better than Southern Pies for the first day of fall?

 Leigh Beisch has shot the photography for a new cookbook called Southern Pies.  How perfect for the first day of fall!  






Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Out and About with Leigh Beisch

Steps away from Leigh Beisch's studio, Leigh spotted a billboard she shot for McDonald's.  As she says, "It was the only time she liked seeing a billboard so close to her studio.  Her friend shot the picture of her.  






Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kaleidoscopes of Smoothies- Leigh Beisch, In Her Own Words

Leigh Beisch recently shot some really wonderful images for McDonald's new smoothie launch.  Here is what she had to say about the project:

"It is a wonderful thing when you have the kind of chemistry with an agency and client that allows the kind of trust and respect that only grows  stronger over the years.  I am so thankful for the opportunities and projects that McDonald's and their agency have shared with me.  They consistently want to focus on appetite appeal with freshness.  Quality is always key.  

This latest shoot had all of those elements of course.  This time there was a sense of whimsy and playfulness to the imagery as well which added a whole other layer to the shoot.   For their current smoothies campaign, the creative director had the idea of creating carefree kaleidoscopes of fruit surrounding the smoothie.  I loved it!  

It was important that we shoot overhead to really get the kaleidoscope shape to read.  So, being the perfectionist that I am , my first thought was that we weren't going to get enough of a "taste" of the smoothie
from that angle.  Well, it turns out the McDonalds' smoothie consistency, texture and  color is so luscious that it held some beautiful shapes for me to light.  It was perfect.

Those of you who know me, know that I am not happy unless I hear someone say "mmmmm, that looks delicious!" when they see a photograph of food that I have taken. "  I was not disappointed.






Friday, September 03, 2010

In his own words. Kevin Twomey discovers an oasis.

"On one side of the fence across the street stands a neglected Sherwin Williams paint facility, where a large-scale cleanup project to remove the toxins from the property will begin in early 2011.

On the other side of the fence, the grass is truly greener, where the eye is drawn to a freshly-mown patch of inspiration.  Transformed from a 50 x 8-foot dirt lot at the beginning of this year, it now serves as a putting green and community garden, complete with putter and golf balls, a bench
and doggie doo-doo basket.

This all has been the work of one man, Joel Devin, who can be found late each afternoon tending to this much-appreciated oasis, his reminder to us all just how much a community reaps from one man's freely-given effort."  Kevin Twomey






Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who ever said "Showing up is half the battle?"

Over the years we have been hosting what we call 'Portable Portfolio Shows.'  These are shows at agencies that we are not able to get to in person so instead send all the elements and the art buyer helps us to host it.   We make it really easy - everything is self contained.  We send  the books, some leave behinds and some itunes cards to raffle off and return fedex forms all is one big box with easy to follow instructions.   As well we coordinate some unique treats.  

The nice thing about these shows is that the agency can be flexible with their timing and they can leave the books out for as little or as long as they like.  Sometimes it even works better because we AREN'T there and the creatives feel less pressured to look.  

Our first one in our upcoming series was hosted by Jeri Singeltary at Fitzgerald + Co.  We knew it was a big success when we received her email (of course we are sure the doughnuts from Sublime Doughnuts didn't help at all!).

Here is what Jeri had to say,  "The event went WONDERFULLY!! I must tell you, that's the way to do portfolio reviews!  The guys felt much more at ease and able to come and go without having to make small talk (Not that we don't like meeting with you guys, but on busy weeks like this they like to be able to pop in and out. )  I left the showing up for a few hours and we had a GREAT turnout!"  

Who ever did say 'showing up is half the battle' surely wasn't a rep!






Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Congratulations Andy Anderson, Connelly & Partners and Liberty Mutual

Andy Anderson shot a beautiful campaign for Liberty Mutual with Kevin Cimo and Connelly Partners that just made it into the 2010 Communication Arts Advertising Annual.  The issue runs in December.  Great job!






Monday, August 02, 2010

In his own words: Andy Anderson photographs flowers, yes flowers for Valspar and EuroRSCG

When I asked Andy about his trip to Carlsbad to shoot a print ad for Valspar, he let me know this story.... "The location was very beautiful.  I  had never seen so many flowers of different colors in one place. I was really amazed.  Of course, right when I was in the middle of the shoot, one of my buddies called to catch up.  I was so impressed by the colors and the variety of flowers, I of course couldn't stop talking about it.  When he realized I was shooting flowers,  his only reply was, "it figures!"   To know me is to know how hilarious that is.  Thanks Euro Chicago for the opportunity to shoot with you all, even though my manhood was deflated a little!






Thursday, June 24, 2010

We are so not alone.

In his own words, Hunter Freeman discuss his thoughts on his new series of work, "We are not alone."

"We are never alone, it seems, especially now.  At home or at work, the idea of privacy has changed over time and with changes in technology.  These pictures are a way of  demonstrating the new privacy - We are not alone, anymore.  The locations will change as I add to the series.  Smile at the camera."

To see more of Hunter's work, please do link to:  www.hunterfreeman.com






Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bribes do work!

In his own words, Jim Smithson describes his technique for getting his model to cooperate, "For this test, shot on a real hot spring day, I employed (and by employ, i mean bribe with a trip to the local ice cream shop) my daughter Shelby to ham it up for the camera. She ended up falling off the tail gate and gashing her knee real bad but bounced back and hit the mark with her usual aplomb."






In his own words, Jim Smithson comments on his new shot:  "Shot up in the pristine waters of the Puget Sound, I have to hand it to my crew for enduring the early call time and wading in frigid waters to make this image possible."






Monday, June 21, 2010

Who knew Hillary Duff was an author?

In his own words, Kevin Twomey shares his photography for the cover of Hillary Duff's new novel.  

"I had the wonderful opportunity to create the cover image for Hilary Duff's upcoming novel, Elixir.   This was one of those assignments where the client gives you the synopsis of a story, the dimensions of the layout and the freedom to go an play.  Along with the final cover image here are a couple of my favorite preliminary sketches."

Click here to see more of Kevin's work.http://www.kevintwomey.com






Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Eerily Timely - a post from Kevin Twomey

Up the block from my studio is an empty lot where you will occasionally  see the abandoned piece of living room furniture among other illegally dumped garbage.  A few months ago I spotted a bright yellow 5 gallon, beat-up drum of used oil sitting in the lot.  Even though I had absolutely no use for this object, I knew one day it might make a nice prop.  When creating diptychs for my promotional pieces, I  sometime take the opportunity to go beyond just visually stimulating the eye.  

In this case, the oil drum find was eerily timely.  






Tuesday, June 01, 2010

In his own words: Richard Schultz photographs Revo Ambassadors for their Look Deeper campaign

"I recently shot the Revo campaign for the second year for Factory Lab on location in Australia, Belize, & Joshua Tree, CA.  I like how Revo's been using "ambassadors" for their campaigns, people who are stand-outs in their particular fields and are passionate about what they do. The campaign tag-line is "Look Deeper" and that's just what we're able to do with the images for this campaign. We're creating beautiful, soulful, on-location portraits of truly amazing people. It's a sweet spot for me as a photographer and the agency's just wanting me to follow my visual instincts, it's been an amazing campaign to work on. This years' ambassadors have included activist/documentary filmmaker Alexandra Cousteau, climber/expeditionist Jimmy Chin, and surfing legend Wayne Lynch."






Collaborating with Art Director, Todd Yuzwa and Food Stylist Randy Mon we came up with some images that were so tasty, we couldn't help ourselves taking a little bite out of the product. To see more of Kevin's work, please link to http://www.kevintwomey.com






Friday, May 14, 2010

A sneak peek at a weed by Kevin Twomey

A sneak peek at a weed by Kevin Twomey
I remember as a kid, every summer, pulling dandelions out between the beautiful blades of green grass on the front lawn of my house on Long Island, cursing at them never to return. Little did I understand how tenacious that weed was or the role it played in a garden's ecosystem. It wasn't till last summer while exploring some flora for an Emeryville public art works project (images to be displayed fall 2011), that i discovered the beauty, the variety and the the complexity of that little weed.
The image in the June issue of Discover Magazine is just one of a series of photographs on the dandelion weed due to be completed this fall.






Thursday, May 13, 2010

Andy Anderson is Ram Tough

Jimmy Bonner at The Richards Group hired Andy Anderson and partnered with him to shoot their new Ram campaign. Shooting close to 15 shots took them over two weeks. They found the rugged terrain they needed in Utah, Nevada and California. Our fingers are crossed that they can continue the campaign as the work has been getting such great attention.






Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1000 Different Ways to Make Your Jaw Drop

Jim Smithson recently shot an ad for Valspar. In his own words....."Euro RSCG Chicago wanted to capture a landscape of a town center with a european flavor for their client Valspar. Because it was still winter we focused our search in mediterranean countries, and ended up finding the ultimate location in San Gimignano, in the region of Tuscany. The agency felt confident to let me shoot the project without them being there, which we have done successfully in past projects. Julia Cunningham (art buyer) was very instrumental throughout the project, doing most of the heavy lifting back in Chicago. As the production kicked off the ubiquity of the Mafioso business model was not lost on us, making it a wild adventure on many levels. " Jim Smithson






Saturday, April 17, 2010


Ann Cutting in the Running:

Ann has been on a recent editorial run. Covering hot topics from healthcare to the economy, see if you can keep up? Publication/Creative Director as follows: Fortune Magazine/ Amy Wolff, Good Housekeeping/Jean E Lee, Kiplinger Cover/Wendy Tiefenbacher, Prevention/Donna Agajanian, SmartMoney/ Jane Clark and Time Magazine Cover/Chrissy Dunleavy.

Devon Jarvis continues to shoot Self magazine accessories page with CD Cynthia Searight & AD Petra Kobayashi.

Kevin Twomey Evolving:

Kevin Twomey's relationship with the California Academy of Sciences started in 2008 with imagery he shot for a promotional piece announcing their newly renovated museum. Creative Director, Rhonda Rubinstein, saw Kevin's butterfly compositions and thought he would be a good match for an upcoming project. She liked the clean, crisp, textural style that is signature of Kevin's imagery.

Months later Kevin reached out to Rhonda with an inquiry to gain access to some of the unique specimens in museum's permanent collection. A trade agreement was arranged. In exchange for access to their rare specimens, the Academy could use the images for a book they were producing for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species.

Kevin's initial interest was in shooting their butterfly collection for a personal project. Yet, once he gained the ALL ACCESS pass, curiosity quickly led way to chamelions, frogs and tortoises to name a few. Kevin converted a tiny office into a studio and a week later produced the images seen here.

Kevin shares," One of the more interesting searches through the collection was picking out a fine Galapagos tortoise specimen to shoot, looking for that perfectly preserved tortoise with just the right pose. We walked into a room about 20' x 20', that had shelves filled with these giant tortoises, many of them preserved for about 100 years."

Check in soon for an upcoming project where Kevin collaborates with Hillary Duff.






Thursday, November 05, 2009

Feels Like Home

Anderson Trotting the Globe Again

Andy Anderson spent a chunk of Summer '09 trotting the globe on a Diner’s Club assignment. DraftFCB Chicago's Creative Director Kurt Fries and Art Buyer Kathleen Candelaria joined Andy and crew on a whirlwind trip from Prague to Singapore to Rio.

PDN Online Features Diner's Club

PDN Online features Andy in their Surveillance section article, "Making a Travel Destination Feel Like Home." DraftFCB Chicago's CD Kurt Fries shares why Andy was specifically chose for this grand commission. “Andy has the heart and soul of an artist and that is what makes his work timeless.” To see the final tear sheet, please log onto the article.







It is with great excitement that we welcome two new photographers to Heather Elder Represents

With a fine arts background in painting and photography from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Rhode Island School of Design, Leigh Beisch’s work as a painter greatly influences her photography. "Color, shape, texture and the boundaries of the frame are subjects in and of themselves. I try to capture an emotional response to the subject and the setting, much as abstract paintings do,” says Leigh. Think friendly, warm and inviting--are you hungry yet?”

Richard Schultz is our top choice for Real People photography. With a photojournalism background, over the years Richard has traveled around the world from Japan to India to Argentina to Egypt, seeking real people, real experiences, and real emotion. That rich world view translates into his expertise in capturing the heart and diversity of the human spirit.






Thursday, August 20, 2009

IPA Award Winner Kevin Twomey

Heather Elder Represents applaudes Kevin Twomey. Kevin earned 2nd place in the category of Special: Digital Enhanced Pro for Butterflies. To see the prize winning images Butterflies, click here. Each photograph is of a butterfly, multiplied and transformed numerous times to create the final image.






Fall Focus 2009

Not Your Average Diptych

We all know Hunter loves to inject humor into his work. A baby bottle all by itself is not all that interesting. Enter tightly wound baby, feigning for a milk fix. Place next to baby bottle as a diptych. Now that kinda works. Makes us laugh, anyways.

Here's another chuckle for you. Hunter loves dishin' 'em.

Anderson Trotting the Globe Again

While exploring on his day off in Prague for a Diner’s Club assignment with DraftFCB Chicago, Andy discovered an abandoned coal mine waiting to be captured by his lens.

Fresh on the heels of a Diner's Club commission, Andy grabbed dinner with JWT Chicago's AD Jeff Harter while in town. Andy and JWT Chicago had been on each other's radar for quite some time. Chock it up to good timing, a project to shoot portraits of Marine officers was presented to Andy. Here's one from a series of 10.

Martinez: From Pharma to Fashion

McCann Erickson NY's Art Buyer Sonia Zobel and Creative Director Susanne Frenk joined David Martinez on travels to Auckland and Queenstown, New Zealand to shoot for Reclast earlier this year. Shooting alongside the film production, the crew unfortunately encountered horrible weather. Mustering resourcefulness to brave the elements, everyone scrambled around the forest at the 11th hour to find a new shoot location. All in all, things turned out swell and David reveled in capturing the the stunning canvas of New Zealand.

Another pharma highlight produced by DM's studio was an intimate portrait project for Reyataz, the newest drug in the fight to keep HIV positive people living healthier and longer. Shooting in Los Angeles, AB Zully Ortiz and AD Carol Fiorino of Euro RSCG NY commissioned David to shoot real people living with HIV.


Shifting gears into Fashion, this summer David shot Levi's Authentics Signature with Silverlign Group's Art Buyer, Shellie Ruth and Executive Creative Director, Tim Kain. This time the tables were turned and David was shooting video alongside the stills.

Thrilled with the results of the Levi's Authentics collaboration, The Silverlign Group reunited with David to shoot portraits and moving images for Dockers. The images are currently being used on the Dockers website.

Ann Cutting: Setting the Stage

Nikon World's Spring 2009 Online Issue highlights Ann Cutting's photography in The Story So Far. Log on here to read a behind the scenes account on the science of Ann's concepts.

For the British publication of Colin McAdam's second novel Fall, Colin chose one of Ann's stock images for his cover. The dream like portrait hints to the tale a young man and his desires to Fall in love.

Devon Jarvis:
In A Flash

Self magazine keeps Devon busy, busy. Every month he shoots a series of photo illustrations for stories on Health and Beauty featured in the Flash section.

Looks Green 2ME

SONY approached Kevin Twomey with a concept to create an image that would convey a sense of “green” energy without showing any of thier energy efficiency products. They requested three basic elements in the shot: grass, leaves and a glass sphere. Not part of the original scope, Kevin introduced a succulent into the equation.

After nailing the grass, leaf and succulents, down to the wire, Kevin had that nudging feeling that green energy wasn't quite there. Solution:stop trying so hard and just start playing. Stylist shoves pot of grass up against sphere. Kevin snaps a few frames. All eyes focus on the monitor. Combine the magical powers of a crystal ball and Kevin Twomey behind the lens. Viola! Green energy and beyond.